Monday, January 3, 2011

{Tutorial} How to make a *cute* Bow Holder!

thrift shop finds

I found this beauty at goodwill on DOLLAR day! Yup that’s right ONE dollar! I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been snatched up already. The picture was NOT my style, but I loved the detail on the frame. I knew with a little spray paint magic it would be perfect.

p.s. Sorry the lighting is bad, I took these at night.

how to spray paint

Can you believe 1 dollar for this beauty?! It’s been forever since I’ve been to goodwill, but now I’m getting anxious to go.

glue gun

Okay onto the tutorial…

First things first. Find a large frame and remove the picture and cardboard. Keep the cardboard. That will be your backing. Then give the frame a few coats of spray paint.

Next you will need to find some cotton batting that will cover the entire cardboard.  I think I doubled the batting if I remember right. Then you will fold the batting over the cardboard and hot glue it down. Trim off any excess batting to remove bulk.

amy butler fabric

Next you will need to buy enough fabric to cover  the entire board. Btw I LOOVEE this fabric.


You will begin by folding the fabric over the cardboard and hot gluing it down.


When you get to the corners, make a diagonal cut.


Then fold in the other side and glue. Once your fabric is all glued down you’ll need to start gathering some ribbon.

how to make a hair bow

Measure and cut your ribbon accordingly and then glue on the back side of the cardboard.


I placed velcro dots on the ric rac to hang my velcro flowers. I make most of my flowers and place a velcro dot on the back of them, so I can interchange them. Go here for more details.


LOVE it!

hair flowers

The perfect place to hold all your hair accessories!

distressed knob

I also found this at goodwill for a dollar and thought it would be perfect to hang headbands. All I did was spray paint it blue and then distressed the edges a little. I’ve also seen these at crafts stores for 3 or 4 bucks. So with a coupon only 2 bucks. Not bad!

hair bows

Oh how I love having a little girl. They are so fun! :)

girls hair bows

hair clips

So what do you think?!


hairstyle s

Much better… perfect for all my little girls hair bows and hair clips! Got to love all the frill!


  1. Looks so great! I am getting ready to make one too so this is perfect timing. I love the colors you chose and PS I love having a little girl too! :)

  2. It's perfect! My little girl pulls all her bows off... but I'll remember this tutorial for the day the bows can come back!

  3. Wow. That picture! Wow. Darling do over! *B

  4. LOVE it! HOw lucky are you to totally SCORE that frame for a dollar! Im so jelous! ;) hehe
    Great idea... love the velcro idea too! :)
    The colors you used are so yummy too! :)
    I want to make one for my daughter now! Thanks for the tutorial!
    (Agape Love Designs)

  5. i love this its super sute idea! and easy!!! who doeant have those materials laying around! love it!

  6. Very cute! Love it & bookmarked it!

  7. That is such a great idea!! Everything is all right there and no searching for hair bows! Hopefully I will get to use this idea one day!!! =)

  8. Gorgeous! The colors are so fun and bright -- it feels like springtime already! =)

    and a DOLLAR!? fantabulous!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. LOVE this! You make it look so easy...probably wouldn't be for me but it is worth a try!!! Oh and let me tell you I have made the brownies with the mint oreos three times!!! Talk about get behind me temptation!!

  10. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I love finding great deals too!

  11. PERFECT! I've been dying to make one for quite a while!!!

  12. Me encantó!! Una idea genial!!! El marco del cuadro ha ganado con el cambio con diferencia!!!

  13. LOVE this project!! It turned out Awesome!!! Gotta love those finds at Goodwill!! (=

  14. I featured this today on my blog - todays top 20! I'd love for you to stop by! :)


  15. I was sitting here thinking thats cute..maybe I will try this out...THen I look over and see big puppy dog eyes..Mommy can you maked dat for me? So my daughter and I approve..Super cute!

  16. That turned out really cute! Do you have a tutorial on how to make those flowers? I have seen them all over but can't find a tutorial for them.

  17. Now that the holidays are over I've been wanting a new project--here it is! This is WAY too cute!

  18. This is so cute!! I love the new look - that frame is gorgeous. What a super stylish way to hold the flowers - it looks like a piece of artwork with all them on there. ;)

  19. Very cute! I love anything that reuses old picture frames.

  20. I LOVE all of your stuff! I am now following your blog, it is sooooo cute. Hope you'll come by and check mine out at Hope to see you soon. BJ

  21. What a great idea and what a great find! Can't believe that frame was only $1. Cute project!

  22. I love this! I made one for my daughter a few weeks ago but I didn't think about using a frame. I just used a canvas and it was only 8x10, so definately not big enough. I think I am going to try a framed one. Love the variety of hair flowers you have too, your daughter must be the cutest :)

  23. What a steal!!! I LOVE the detail on the frame! That's incredible :)

  24. This is super cute! And what a great idea. I need to start thrift shopping!

    Would love for you to come link up!

  25. Boy have I missed your projects! This turned out awesome! I made something similar, but without the backing....I LOVE the fabric covered backing idea! And the velcro?? GENIUS!


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